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I believe in self-expression, love and laughing your ass off. I look for the humor in life as well as the beauty.

Starting out over ten years ago as a music photojournalist, I photographed promotional portraits and live shows for Seattle venues, labels and local alternative weekly papers The Stranger and Seattle Weekly. At one point I put down the camera and picked up the bass, playing in a few bands. Turns out I’m much better with the camera!

Everything clicked after shooting my first wedding. The pace, emotion and unpredictability was similar to a rock show, yet my gear was free of sweat and spit and I came home with (slightly) fewer bruises. The couples were my rock stars.

Today I continue to document events, families, musicians and editorial assignments. My work has been published in Spin, The Seattle Times, Paste, Nylon, Magnet, PDN, Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom and blah blah blah.

I’m based in Seattle but travel often for work. New York is my birthplace and second home.

Please drop me a line if you see something that makes you smile, laugh or think twice. I like to know these things.


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Thank you to Jeff Newsom, Sean Flanigan, Catherine Abegg & Breanne Curran for the images to the left.